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They testify

"The idea of losing my hair has always frightened"

"The idea of losing my hair has always frightened me because in my family some have lost their hair quite young... We associated hair loss to aging, a 20-year-old who loses his hair loses a few years as well... More than others people's glances, it's my image that concerns me: losing my hair is like losing my inner security. "

Christophe 3

« It's stress »

« It's stress, it becomes an obsession... It's devastating and depressing, it's hard to get used to it […] When you have a date, you overthink about your hair and your pals make fun of you...»

« Hair loss is a real anguish »

« Hair loss is a real anguish... It's like someone stealing something from us. » 

« Hormonal disorders »

« Around the age of 45, I began to notice a big loss of hair: I have noticed that as I get older and with hair color, it gets worse... Hormonal disorders affect a lot of women's hair, it is well known. »

The global anti-hair loss ritual

99% natural and plant-based ingredients

The botanical power plants to restore hair strenght

Specialist in botanical hair care, Phyto has developed an expert formula that draws its exceptional effectiveness from botanical extracts, obtained through green, environmentally-friendly and healthy processes.

The Celery seed extract

It is used to boost Wnt activity - +49% of production*, a genuine switch for the hair's growth phase, thus promoting its growth. 

* Invitro test

The Tulip extract

It acts on reducing micro-irritation and fibrosis in the hair bulb, while boosting the hair follicle's cohesion and structure, to promote a more secure anchoring.

The Globularia stem cells

They combine anti-oxidation, protection of the hair follicle stem cells and stimulate the activity of detoxifying proteasome for a better quality hair fiber.

The Baikal skullcap extract

It controls the quality and the quantity of what is absorbed and thus helping improving the cell's life expectancy.

Application advice

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Instrumental measurement – Clinical study on 74 volunteers for 3 months – applied three times a week.
2  % of satisfaction – Self assesment by 74 volunteers after 3 months of application – applied three times a week.
3   Statements collected as part of the "Exploratory on hair loss" survey conducted by Ipsos (for PHYTO) on a sample of 42 people - January 2019 - France/Italy. First names were assigned to the respondents.