A 3-phase life cycle

Our hair has the capacity to grow for 100 to 125 years. A long period that can be divided into 25 life cycles of 4 to 5 years each.

Thus, between 50 and 100 hair fall on average each day. Hair that falls will be replaced by new hair.

Hair growth

Each hair grows independently from the others and goes through a succession of 3 phases during its life cycle. The first and longest of these phases, called the anagen phase, is a period of growth characterized by intense cell division. From the hair root grows the hair fibre. The second phase, known as catagen lasts over 3 to 4 weeks. At this stage, hair growth is slowed, the hair fibre is no longer growing

Hair loss

The last phase of the life cycle is the telogen phase. Concerning 10 to 15 % of the hair mass, this period last from two to four months. More fragile, the hair follicle eventually detaches naturally as a new hair bulb develops. The hair life cycle begins again with a new hair, in exactly the same place.


Causes and characteristics 

Abundant hair thinning is considered abnormal. It is the manifestation of a disorder of the hair life cycle. This is called alopecia. Whether the alopecia is chronical or temporary, it is characterized by a lack of density, for both men and women.

Chronical hair loss

Affecting mainly men, 50% in their 50s are concerned by this androgenetic alopecia which is characterized by fragility of the hair follicle sensitive to steroid hormones. This hair loss affects the vertex and temples. Women, who are concerned, see their hair mass reduced over a defined area at the top of the skull.

Reactional hair loss

Women are most subject to reactional alopecia. This type of hair loss is in response to external causes. In most cases it is a reaction to stress, extreme fatigue, hormonal changes due to pregnancy, menopause etc ... These factors cause severe hair thinning.


Whatever the type of alopecia, it is always characterized by a lack of density and thickness.

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