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The revolutionary
anti-grey hair formula

What is
greying hair?Greying hair, a natural phenomenon

The main causes
of greying hair

Whitening of the hair results both from a lack of pigmentation and depigmentation of existing melanin

Hair becomes grey

As well as becoming whiter, grey hair’s structure is modified: It becomes unruly, fragile prone to breakage and to frizz.


No fewer than 76 peptides have been synthesised then screened via in vitro, ex and in vivo tests, with the aim of identifying the one with the greatest impact on pigmentation. Peptide no. 30, called RE30, was selected. IT ACTS ON THE ROOTS, IN 2 STAGES.

Proven efficacy in vivo
Grey hair repigmentation

Reverse the greying process in just 3 months
*Test performed on peptide RE30 - Clinical study on 15 volunteers for 3 months - daily application. Pigmentation density measurements before and after treatment (n = 6 volunteers).

RE30 Peptide :
Pigmentation boost

*In vitro studies