All about Damaged Hair

Do you bleach your hair often? Is your hair very brittle, especially when it is damp? Chances are your hair cuticle is more than 50% damaged and this article is for you! If your hair is dry but not brittle, click here to find out more!

Having silver-blonde, mermaid or holographic hair has become the new trend in 2020. However, to achieve such colours you have to bleach your hair multiple times. Furthermore, to keep your hair color vibrant, you constantly visit the salon and apply strong ammonia dyes or high levels of peroxide to your hair.

As soon as after your 2nd visit, you will find that your hair have been broken down to an extreme level where your cuticles have been worn down by 80%!

As you can see, most of the layers of the hair cuticles have been worn off and at this stage it is very close to breakage. Your cortex has been exposed and your hair feels like wire. It is matted and hard to comb through, a total tangled mess and blow drying takes a long time.

At this point you need to do daily hair treatments for 2 weeks and alternate day treatments for next 2 weeks. Phyto treats brittle & damaged hair like this with Phytokeratine Repair program. This range has just been revamped and relaunched this year!

It’s a slippery slide from here to total split ends and hair breakage. If you did not start using good effective and intense hair treatments when it was at 80% damage level, everything will start breaking apart and your hair will look like this.

This is a total loss of cuticle structure and your cortex has also been affected. At this point, you would have decided that chopping of your hair is the best way of saving it. You HAVE to stop all chemical treatments for the next 3-6 months to let your hair heal!

You need daily intense treatments for 1 month and reduce to alternate days for the next few months. Phytokeratine Extreme range is designed just for this problem. You may want to combine Phytoelixir Nutrition Oil for an even more intensive treatment.

The good news is that all your hair can be saved, only if you want to put in the effort. 

Here’s a fun fact: Your hair is more elastic than you think!

It is important to be gentle with our hair when it’s wet. Here’s what to avoid while dealing with wet hair!

  • Do not brush your hair when it’s wet. Please use a special wet brush or wide tooth comb. Spray on Phytokeratine Detangling protection spray to before you comb will help.

  • Stop all heat styling for the time being. You may want to consider using low heat to dry your hair for the time being, but nothing strong and direct like hair straightener.

  • Avoid beach and swimming pools (unless you have the pool cap).

  • Do not dry your hair with a rubbing action with a towel, this is very bad because you are opening up your hair cuticles even more. Instead, dry it with a gentle downward motion, which is also the same direction of your hair scales.

  • Do not tie too tight pony tails and updos.

  • Do not use harsh detergent shampoos because it is washes out your natural oils and all the hair treatments you are using.

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