Dandruff (Oily Hair) Program

This ritual is designed to address hair prone to oiliness to effectively treat an oily and flaky scalp. It reduces sebum production to end oily, flaky scalp while clarifying and beautifying the hair.

4 Step Program

Step 1 - Purify and Deep Cleanse


This potent blend of essential oils instantly purified and stimulates micro-circulation to awaken the scalp and energize hair growth. It is the perfect remedy for those suffering from an unbalanced scalp, whether it is dry, oily, itchy or sensitive.

Step 2 - Treat


Purifying Maintenance

Anti-dandruff: Normalises the sebaceous secretion. Hair appears healthy-looking, feels lightweight and looks radiant

Step 3 - Add Shine & Detangle


This ultra-gentle milk combines the lightness of a cream with the potency of an oil. This versatile formula may be used prior to blow-drying for soft and hydrated hair or as a finishing spray to tame flyaways and add shine.

Step 4 - Strengthen & Maintain


This supplement is a lifesaver for weak, thinning, damaged hair and nails. Two capsules a day will create the look of fuller, thicker, shinier hair and stronger, longer nails.